Ten Key Points to Consider when Choosing a Bathroom

Statement bath
Bath takes centre stage with magnificent window back drop


Before you even walk into a bathroom showroom, and walk out laden with brochures, feeling overwhelmed and confused about the choices available to you, consider these ten key points.

  1. Bath or Shower?

    Bath with a separate shower, or do you only have space for a shower bath? Do you want a statement, perhaps free standing bath or one that is purely functional bath? Do you want to replace your bath with a walk in shower? The shower valve will depend on what hot water system you have. It’s best to consult your plumber or bathroom supplier, you will advise you.

Bath Material

– Do you have a preference towards a Caronite, steel, acrylic, cast iron or other material for your bath?  Cast iron is heavy, expensive and virtually everlasting. Caronite is durable, excellent wearing capabilities, mid range in price, good quality and very popular. Steel is less expensive than Caronite, is hard wearing but can feel cold. Acrylic baths are cheap, light but are prone to movement. A Jacuzzi bath tends to be great to begin with, but tend to clog with limescale if fitted without a water softener.  

2. Basins -Do you have room for or want twin basins?  A pedestal, wall hung or set in a vanity unit?

3. Storage – Consider storage needs for bottles, make-up, loo rolls and cleaning products. A vanity unit with drawers fitted with separate compartments could be considered.

Clever storage
Clever storage squeezed into small space

4. FittingsThis can be a mine field. what style do you want? Sleek and modern, classic, contemporary or period? Do you want mixer taps, bath fillers (bath fills with what looks like an overflow ) plus diverter hand set, or standard telephone taps Do you prefer bath shower mixers or thermostatic shower mixers?Do you want chrome, gold, white or very decorative fittings? Do you want round or square shaped taps?

5. Toilets – Would you like a back to wall toilet ? ( has no visible cistern,  placed in a unit). A close coupled toilet ( a visible cistern), or a higher level comfort pan ? A soft close seat which prevents the slamming down of the seat?

Vintage Style Bathroom
Vintage style with close couple pan and cistern. image from House Beautiful

6. Lighting – Consider a range of task lighting for make – up and shaving. Consider a wall hung vanity cabinet with a back lit mirror, de-mister pad and shaver socket, with lights hung each side of  the cabinet to avoid shadows from being cast onto your face. Recessed LED lights in ‘cubby holes’ ( built in recesses used for shampoo, conditioner and body wash products which avoids the need for chrome fittings) and under units or shelves add ambience whilst enjoying a long soak.

Back lit cabinet with de- mister pads and shaver socket
Cabinet with lighting and de mister pads and shaver socket

7. Flooring – Do you want tiles, with or without under floor heating, vinyl, wood or another type of flooring?

8.Heating – Do you want a statement radiator or heated towel rails? Do you want the heated towel rail to be dual fuel? ( Duel fuel means having a separate electric switch fitted which can be used to warm and dry towels when the main heating isn’t switched on in the summer).

Heated towel rail
Heated towel rail

9. Decoration – What do you want on your walls? Do you want it fully tiled or just in the wet areas? Do you want different tiles in different areas? How do you want the tiles laid – landscape, portrait, brick style or herring bone?

10. Budget – What is your budget? You usually get what you pay for in terms of quality in the product. Buy the best you can afford if you want it to last.


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