The Plumber May Not Be To Blame!

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Deluge Shower Head


Don’t you feel disappointed, if at the start  of the day, to wake yourself up, as well as to cleanse, an invigorating shower; or perhaps at the end of the day when you step into a shower to wash, but also wash away the stresses and strains of the day, and all you get is a feeble trickle of water! What a total let down!

If your shower used to work well, but has recently gone from great to a pathetic spray, try cleaning out the shower head holes with a sharp tool like a pin or skewer. Shower heads need cleaning like the rest of the shower, and holes in the shower nozzle often, quite quickly (especially if you live in a hard water area without a water softener) clog up with limescale.You might consider buying a shower head with a speed clean option, which is designed to reduce the limescale build up and makes for easier cleaning.

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Limescale Build Up

It’s also disappointing if you’ve gone to the expense of installing a brand new shower, especially with a rain water deluge head too, and all you get is little more than a trickle; not the deluge or power you had been promised in the brochure. The plumber may not be to blame (everyone likes to blame the plumber!). It’s advised that before purchasing a super duper all singing and dancing new shower system you discuss your water system with either a plumber or the sales people in a bathroom showroom. They will advise you if your water system or supply has sufficient power to supply your desired choice of shower, and will advise you of alternatives or ways to achieve your dream shower.

Ask your local plumber to check out your hot and cold water supply to see what is suitable for your needs. In most cases they will not charge for a call out. But if a charge is inevitable, quite often this will be waived if you agree to have them fit what is required. It’s worth discussing this with the said plumber prior to a site visit.

A larger shower head, does not necessarily mean it will deliver a more powerful showering experience. A larger head with a larger spray coverage area require a greater volume of water. Because of the large surface area, the water will have reduced pressure, so may result is a less powerful flow. A small shower head can give a more powerful flow, but with a reduce coverage area. Some shower heads have multi spay functions , from a powerful jet, to massaging spray or water saving option.



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